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Customer Feedback and Reviews

"We put about 10 different types of inhaler cases in front of the committee and the only one they liked was the Respire Magnetic Case." Robert, MD, USA. Shortly before making a large commercial order.

"Full marks for customer service & the case is excellent.  As a long-time user of asthma inhalers, I cannot believe I have gone all this time with an inhaler in a battered cardboard box."- Michael, Brighton, UK

"I highly recommend the Respire case if you're looking for an attractive way to carry your asthma inhaler and keep it clean." - 5* Review by Kathleen at, USA

"I know I had hit on a winner a couple of months ago when I was approached at my pool by an admirer asking where I got my case.....Now my inhalers travel in style in a Respire Case....Check them out and I think you will be impressed."- Jenni, Chicago, IL, USA

"THIS IS THE incredibly chic and suave solution to the problem of getting sticky stuff in your inhaler."
- ThisNext product review by Sara, NYC, USA

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